Sales and Marketing Optimization Group provides consulting services that increase revenue by helping our clients find, engage and win new customers.  We improve sales and marketing performance through practical implementation of proven customer acquisition methods, product lifecycle planning, market analysis and sales operations systems.

Typical consulting engagements:

  • Assessing and optimizing sales processes. Clear definition of the prospect’s buying process and alignment of the selling process is critical in identifying opportunities to increase pipeline, improve close rates and maximize selling efficiency. We  map and validate purchase decision processes, develop influencer personas, align sales processes, analyze won/lost orders and implement CRM to measure and track the results of sales stages and activities.
  • Sales enablement. Often sales teams need better tools to communicate and credibly support the value proposition. We create pitch books, case studies, white papers, savings/ROI calculators, collateral, etc to deliver meaningful, easy-to-understand, differentiated value messages.
  • Time sensitive and urgent projects. Many important sales or marketing initiatives need to be done quickly but the internal resources don’t have the bandwidth to meet the deadline. We develop and manage product launches, territory potential revenue estimates, target market segmentation, lead generation campaigns, competitive intelligence research, etc to ensure projects are done on time.