CRM Implementation


The Problem:

The client was growing quickly, adding new service offerings and stretching sales support resources.  The manual approach of managing many sales processes resulted in incomplete forecasts, increased administration time and delayed proposal preparation.  As service offerings diversified, communicating their unique capabilities was becoming more complex.

The Solution:

  • Define and measure sales stages to ensure clear understanding of sales process by all stakeholders
  • Implement CRM ( and customize to client’s offering and sales methodology
  • Clean database and build segmentation quiries allowing sales to quickly identify best prospects
  • Develop automated reporting and export tools for proposal and contract documents creation
  • Improve proposals to better communicate value proposition

The Result:

  • Improved accuracy and credibility of forecasts and other reports
  • Reduced administration time for opportunity tracking, preparing proposals, reports and documentation
  • Improved client retention by simplifying identification of expiring contracts and triggering sales engagement
  • Streamlined prospecting and sales opportunity management
  • Increased win rates by reducing sales cycle time and enhancing features and benefits messaging