Won/Lost Order Analysis


The Problem:

Sales leadership needs to understand why they’re losing (and winning) deals

The Solution:

One of the most impactful ways to improve sales is to complete a Lost/Won/No-decision analysis.  It provides valuable insight on how your prospect/customer made their decision and how they view your organization and sales team.

Performing this type of analysis best done by an outside party because the prospects/customer are more forthright in communicating what really happened.  The analysis typically takes a week to complete.
  • Understand current sales process, value proposition, differentiation points, sales stages, buyer personas, ideal customer profile, competitors, sales tools used, etc
  • Analyze closed opportunity data. Summarize by deal size, revenue, sales rep, location, opportunity rank, sales stage length, sales rep lost reason, competitor, win ratios…
  • Identify list of clients to be interviewed
  • Develop 15-20 minute interview questionnaire and script
  • Interview clients and sales team
  • Prepare report summary report with key findings and recommended corrective actions

The Result:

  • Improved win ratios
  • Identification of sales process, sales tool and product/services gaps
  • Use quantitative data to improve product road maps, sales hiring and sales training opportunities.