Quantify Value Proposition


The Problem:

Prospective customer didn’t understand the financial impact of the solutions being proposed by this client.  Without a clear understand of the cost savings potential, prospects either couldn’t justify the purchase or let other higher value projects take priority.

The Solution:

  • Create savings estimate methodology and tools for sales team.
  • Identify a credible way to estimate savings potential using data on potential customers
  • Write case studies supporting the savings estimates
  • Segment database of prospective customers to identify those with greatest savings potential
  • Develop existing customer penetration metric and savings potential if they used more of the client’s services
  • Implement lead generation campaigns targeted at most motivated prospects and customers
  • Create sales enablement toolkit with savings estimators, credible references, draft letters, FAQs, presentations etc.

The Result:

  • Exceeded growth targets for new customer acquisition
  • Increased penetration/share with existing customers
  • Focused sales team on best prospects and increased opportunities in the pipeline
  • Improved close rates and shortened sales cycle